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Futu Holdings Limited (FUTU) Stock Analysis

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FUTU Financial Performance

Use the table below to view Futu Holdings Limited's financial profile. This data is gathers from the latest available financial statements. Annual data is taken from the trailing 12 months of statements. All numbers are reported in US Dollars and so any foreign currencies are converted to USD so comparison's can be done.

Based on Financial Statements from Q3 - 2023

Metric Value Ranking among Peers
Price $77.78 -
52 Week Low $35.91 -
52 Week High $77.78 -
Market Cap $10.7 Billion 4/14
Gross Margin 100% 1/14
Profit Margin 42% 4/14
EBITDA margin -1% 9/14
Q3 - 2023 Revenue $268.5 Million 6/14
Q3 - 2023 Earnings $112.2 Million 7/14
Q3 - 2023 Free Cash Flow $0 Million 10/14
Trailing 4 Quarters Revenue $1.2 Billion 7/14
Trailing 4 Quarters Earnings $546.8 Million 4/14
Quarterly Earnings Growth -8% 10/14
Annual Earnings Growth 33% 6/14
Quarterly Revenue Growth 8% 12/14
Annual Revenue Growth 27% 8/14
Cash On Hand $630.6 Million 7/14
Short Term Debt $0 11/14
Long Term Debt $0 13/14

Futu Holdings Limited Financial Metrics

Financial metrics are a set of useful numbers that can give key performance indicators of a company. The various metrics can include information about profitability, growth, and debt load. When combined and use properly they can tell an analyst a compelling fact-based story of how the company is currently performing. To compare Futu Holdings Limited's metrics versus it's peers make sure to run our peer analysis tool.

Valuation Metrics

Metric Value Ranking among Peers
PE 19.53 5/14
PS 72.19 1/14
PB 0.88 13/14
PC 16.94 3/14
Liabilities to Equity 0.08 12/14
ROA 0.01 5/14
ROE 0.02 8/14
Current Ratio 48.98 1/14
Quick Ratio 2.49 3/14
Long Term Debt to Equity 0.00 11/14
Debt to Equity 0.00 11/14
Burn Rate -44.02 13/14
Cash to Cap 0.06 12/14
CCR 14/14
EV to EBITDA 180.96 1/14
EV to Revenue -3.08 14/14

Company Details

Futu Holdings Limited operates an online brokerage and wealth management platform in Hong Kong and internationally. The company provides trading, clearing, and settlement services; margin financing and securities lending services; and stock yield enhancement program. It also offers online wealth management services under the brand of Futu Money Plus through its Futubull and moomoo platforms, which give access to mutual funds, private funds, and bonds; market data and information services; and NiuNiu Community, which serves as an open forum for users and clients to share insights, ask questions, and exchange ideas. In addition, the company provides initial public offering subscription and employee share option plan solution services to corporate clients under the Futu I&E brand. Futu Holdings Limited was founded in 2007 and is based in Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

CEO: Mr. Leaf Hua Li

Website: https://www.futuholdings.com

Address: 9F Unit 3 Building C Kexing Science Park, 15 Keyuan Road, Technology Park ,

Exchange: NASDAQ Global Market

Industry: Capital Markets

Futu Holdings Limited Peer Analysis

A useful and more reliable way of seeing the health of a company is to compare it to other companies operating in the same sector. Below is our list of companies which we rank are the closest peers to Futu Holdings Limited. If you feel that peers should be added or removed from this list please contact us. To run an in-depth peer analysis which compares many financial metrics click on the link below.

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Raymond James Financial, Inc. RJF $26.2 Billion
Stifel Financial Corp. SF $8.5 Billion
Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. MARA $5.3 Billion
Riot Blockchain, Inc. RIOT $2.9 Billion
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Bitfarms Ltd. BITF $528.2 Million
Applied Blockchain, Inc. APLD $508.1 Million
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Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
FUTU Income Statements
Quarter Year Revenue Earnings
Q4 2023 HK$ 2.1 Billion HK$878.2 Million
Q3 2023 HK$ 2.7 Billion HK$1.1 Billion
Q2 2023 HK$ 2.1 Billion HK$1.1 Billion
Q1 2023 HK$ 2.2 Billion HK$1.2 Billion
Q4 2022 HK$ 1.9 Billion HK$958.8 Million
Q3 2022 HK$ 1.7 Billion HK$754.6 Million
Q2 2022 HK$ 1.5 Billion HK$641.7 Million
Q1 2022 HK$ 1.4 Billion HK$571.8 Million

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FUTU Balance Sheets
Quarter Year Cash & Equivalents Total Assets Total Debt Total Equity
Q4 2023 HK$4.9 Billion HK$97.1 Billion HK$0 HK$24.6 Billion
Q3 2023 HK$5.3 Billion HK$96.6 Billion HK$5.2 Billion HK$23.5 Billion
Q2 2023 HK$3.7 Billion HK$104.4 Billion HK$4.7 Billion HK$22.4 Billion
Q1 2023 HK$7.4 Billion HK$106.6 Billion HK$3.5 Billion HK$22.2 Billion
Q4 2022 HK$5.0 Billion HK$94.5 Billion HK$2.7 Billion HK$20.9 Billion
Q3 2022 HK$6.9 Billion HK$98.0 Billion HK$6.8 Billion HK$20.2 Billion
Q2 2022 HK$6.3 Billion HK$109.8 Billion HK$4.6 Billion HK$19.6 Billion
Q1 2022 HK$5.9 Billion HK$105.2 Billion HK$4.0 Billion HK$20.4 Billion

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FUTU Cash Flow Statements
Quarter Year freeCashFlow capitalExpenditure netChangeInCash
Q3 2023 $0 $0 $199.9 Million
Q2 2023 $0 $0 -$461.6 Million
Q4 2022 $1.3 Billion -$15.0 Million -$3.8 Billion
Q1 2023 $0 $0 $292.0 Million
Q3 2022 -HK$12.0 Billion -HK$12.8 Million -HK$10.0 Billion
Q4 2021 HK$794.2 Million -HK$13.0 Million -HK$3.1 Billion
Q3 2021 HK$19.5 Billion -HK$28.8 Million -HK$1.8 Billion
Q4 2020 $477.8 Million $31.5 Million $276.6 Million

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