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Braze, Inc. (BRZE) Stock Analysis

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BRZE Financial Performance

Use the table below to view Braze, Inc.'s financial profile. This data is gathers from the latest available financial statements. Annual data is taken from the trailing 12 months of statements. All numbers are reported in US Dollars and so any foreign currencies are converted to USD so comparison's can be done.

Based on Financial Statements from Q4 - 2024

Metric Value Ranking among Peers
Price $42.02 -
52 Week Low $30.27 -
52 Week High $61.53 -
Market Cap $4.2 Billion 3/18
Gross Margin 67% 9/18
Profit Margin -22% 17/18
EBITDA margin -25% 16/18
Q4 - 2024 Revenue $131.0 Million 8/18
Q4 - 2024 Earnings -$28.3 Million 17/18
Q4 - 2024 Free Cash Flow -$2.5 Million 16/18
Trailing 4 Quarters Revenue $471.8 Million 10/18
Trailing 4 Quarters Earnings -$129.5 Million 16/18
Quarterly Earnings Growth 16% 12/18
Annual Earnings Growth 4% 12/18
Quarterly Revenue Growth 33% 3/18
Annual Revenue Growth 25% 3/18
Cash On Hand $68.2 Million 12/18
Short Term Debt $15.6 Million 3/18
Long Term Debt $75.0 Million 8/18

Braze, Inc. Financial Metrics

Financial metrics are a set of useful numbers that can give key performance indicators of a company. The various metrics can include information about profitability, growth, and debt load. When combined and use properly they can tell an analyst a compelling fact-based story of how the company is currently performing. To compare Braze, Inc.'s metrics versus it's peers make sure to run our peer analysis tool.

Valuation Metrics

Metric Value Ranking among Peers
PE -1.00 6/18
PS 8.98 3/18
PB 9.53 5/18
PC 62.10 3/18
Liabilities to Equity 0.83 8/18
ROA -0.16 15/18
ROE -0.29 16/18
Current Ratio 2.21 11/18
Quick Ratio 1.30 5/18
Long Term Debt to Equity 0.17 10/18
Debt to Equity 0.20 9/18
Burn Rate 1.94 12/18
Cash to Cap 0.02 16/18
CCR 0.09 5/18
EV to EBITDA -131.90 16/18
EV to Revenue 9.03 3/18

Company Details

Braze, Inc. operates a customer engagement platform that provides interactions between consumers and brands worldwide. It offers data ingestion products, such as Braze software development kits that automatically manage data ingestion and the delivery of mobile and web notifications, in-application/in-browser interstitial messages, and content cards, as well as can be integrated into a range of digital interfaces and application development frameworks; REST API that can be used to import or export data or to trigger workflows between Braze and brands' existing technology stacks; and partner cohort syncing, which allow brands to sync user cohorts from partners. The company also offers classification products, including segmentation that can define reusable segments of consumers based upon attributes, events, or predictive propensity scores; segment insights, which allows customers to analyze how segments are performing relative to each other across a set of pre-selected key performance indicators, and helps to understand the factors that determine which consumers belong to a particular segment; and predictive suite that allows customers to identify groups of consumers that are of critical business value. In addition, it provides personalization and action products; and orchestration products, which include Canvas, an orchestration tool that allows customers to create journeys, mapping out multi-steps, and cross-channel messaging experiences, which include onboarding flows, nurture campaigns, win-back strategies, and others; campaigns, which allow customers to send one set of single-channel or multi-channel messages to be delivered to customers in a particular user segment; event and API triggering; frequency capping and rate limiting; intelligent selection; and reporting and analytics. The company was formerly known as Appboy, Inc. and changed its name to Braze, Inc. in November 2017. Braze, Inc. was incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered in New York, New York.



Address: 330 West 34th Street New York, NY

Exchange: NASDAQ Global Select

Industry: Software—Application

Braze, Inc. Peer Analysis

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Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
BRZE Income Statements
Quarter Year Revenue Earnings
Q4 2024 $ 131.0 Million -$28.3 Million
Q3 2024 $ 124.0 Million -$30.7 Million
Q2 2024 $ 115.1 Million -$31.7 Million
Q1 2024 $ 101.8 Million -$38.8 Million
Q4 2023 $ 98.7 Million -$33.8 Million
Q3 2023 $ 93.1 Million -$33.9 Million
Q2 2023 $ 86.1 Million -$32.9 Million
Q1 2023 $ 77.5 Million -$39.3 Million

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BRZE Balance Sheets
Quarter Year Cash & Equivalents Total Assets Total Debt Total Equity
Q4 2024 $68.2 Million $810.9 Million $90.6 Million $444.4 Million
Q3 2024 $60.5 Million $768.9 Million $91.0 Million $438.7 Million
Q2 2024 $77.3 Million $732.1 Million $51.6 Million $440.4 Million
Q1 2024 $116.9 Million $721.3 Million $52.4 Million $435.1 Million
Q4 2023 $68.6 Million $705.4 Million $51.3 Million $445.3 Million
Q3 2023 $45.4 Million $677.4 Million $51.7 Million $452.4 Million
Q2 2023 $80.9 Million $702.1 Million $55.0 Million $472.9 Million
Q1 2023 $90.6 Million $716.3 Million $57.4 Million $487.5 Million

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BRZE Cash Flow Statements
Quarter Year freeCashFlow capitalExpenditure netChangeInCash
Q4 2024 -$2.5 Million -$6.3 Million -$2.5 Million
Q3 2024 -$5.9 Million -$3.9 Million -$16.8 Million
Q2 2024 -$18.7 Million -$1.2 Million -$40.3 Million
Q1 2024 $21.7 Million -$892,000 $48.9 Million
Q4 2023 -$1.9 Million -$1.9 Million $23.2 Million
Q3 2023 -$28.1 Million -$4.1 Million -$35.5 Million
Q2 2023 -$24.7 Million -$8.4 Million -$9.7 Million
Q1 2023 $15.7 Million -$2.3 Million -$388.3 Million

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